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Pictures of crime in ‘Scena del Crimine’


‘Scena del Crimine’ is a documentary by Walter Stokman, released in 2011. We are shown different perspectives of Neapolitans in de periphery of the Camorra, the Neapolitans mafia.

The film is not an average documentary because it has been visualized as expected in a feature film.

In the film we are shown pictures of crime-scenes made by the Naples police forensic investigation team. Because the pictures are in saturated colours, the blood becomes dominantly present. It enhances the bloody scene which it must have been. The misery and drama is in contrast to the pretty still-life pictures which they have become by portraying them in these colours.

Colour images are alternated by highly contrasted black-and-white images in the youth prison scenes. It illustrates, in my opinion, the tough and poor world these youth are growing up in. They are perpetrators and victims at the same time. Stokman uses classical music and opera to convey the drama of everyday life. This is one of the most visually strong documentaries I’ve recently seen. Watch the documentary here. It is in Italian with Dutch subtitles.