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Follow me home

Post by iSiZ

Aṣa, a Nigerian French singer-songwriter, was born in Paris. She grew up in Lagos, the south-western part of Nigeria. Her texts are about her country, life and the things in her life. Her music fuses jazz, funk, soul and reggae. Watch how Aṣa takes German reggae figure Gentleman on a personal journey through her hometown Lagos in this 50 minute documentary.

In the videoclip below she sings the song BA MI DELE, meaning: follow me home in Yoruba.

It is a story of a young girl wooed tirelessly by a young lawyer from out of town. She initially refuses, but soon finds herself having strong feelings for this young man. She becomes pregnant and finds out he’s not taking responsibility to claim the unborn child. She still loves him and wants him to make the relationship formal. In the darkness of her room at night, she longs for the strong arms of her man around her.