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An animated epic fresco, from medieval rural to urban in the future

Post by iSiZ

Babel is an animated epic fresco, which tells the story of two characters, their personal lives against the backdrop of China’s historical progression, from rural to urban. Produced by Studio Hdk Productions based in Paris.

At one point the main character travels by train, the landscape transforms from a medieval rural village setting to where he arrives, in the future.

It was filmed in Shanghai, but most work was done behind the computer, compositing. This epic collage is a must see. You can watch the full length 15 minutes here. Also watch the director Hendrick Dusollier get interviewed in the following video.

The video organism of Pipilotti Rist

Visual artist, Pipilotti Rist, produces intriguing video installations. Her installations are so very big and very present which invites the public to become part of it. The human body, gender and sexuality are topics which play an important role in her work. The images portrayed of bodies and fruit are captured by fish eye close-ups and are composed of bright colours which gives her work a dreamy effect.


In 2009 I had the opportunity to visit a solo exhibition of her work, ‘Elixir: the video organism of Pipilotti Rist’, in Museum Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. I can imagine that people don’t get bored easily when watching her work. Usually it is a video-loop, a film of a couple minutes endlessly repeated, that you could easily watch for an hour and become obsessed by it. I felt a comfortable welcome in most of the exhibition rooms. For instance, one of the rooms was made up of islands of carpets to lie on and one could watch the film projected on the ceiling.


She released a feature film ‘Pepperminta’ in 2009. The film is an extension of her video art. The images are similar to the images from her ‘Elixir’ exhibition, but this time there are more characters telling a story. The film tells the story of Pepperminta, the main character, who persuades others to see the world in their own favourite colour. This changes the lives of people in a positive, joyful and happy way. Watch the trailer of the film here: