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Technology allows you to create

Post by iSiZ

Charlie Caper and Erik Rosales from D1gits performed a striking techno-magic multimedia act as a marketingstunt for the Stockholm booth at MIPIM trade show in Cannes. Last march this presentation went viral on Youtube, day five it hit 900.000 views.

Earlier this year on this blog we had a post on magician Marco Tempest, who already uses this techno-magic in his shows. If you’re interested, there’s a ‘how does he do it’ video-tutorial at the end of that post. Nevertheless this new act from these guys is as exciting and proofs again: technology allows you to create!

Wow.. Augmented reality through techno-magic


‘When we’re kids, magic is all around us. We see magic in snow or rain or in a rainbow or in soap bubbles. Then we grow up and magic somehow gets lost in our live.
Magic is about re-enchanting people, giving them the magic back which they might have lost on the way.’

Marco Tempest is a magician and illusionist of the 21st century. He is reputed for his multimedia magic and use of interactive technology and computer graphics in his illusions and presentations.

He gives us awe, wonder and amazement back.

Here’s a short two part ‘behind the scene’s’ documentary on his award-winning television series ‘The Virtual Magician’:

For the geeks under us, see how Tempest shares his innovative tricks at Innovators@Google: