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A corporate video is not a luxury anymore.

Post by iSiZ

Today, with growing opportunities for companies on the internet, companies need not only a corporate identity, but also a decent website, and ideally enough, great visuals to trigger the mind of the website visitor. A corporate video is not a luxury anymore.

If a company has a history to draw from, a short documentary is a great way to visualise it’s identity. An example is this 13 minute video IBM has made to celebrate its 100 years of existence. It shows 100 IBM’ers, young and old, who explain a special result the company has made every year from 1911 to 2011.


This is a 30 minute short documentary IBM has made to let their innovating IBM’ers explain how their inventions changed the world.

‘Technology allows you to create..’ Hussein Chalayan

table-dress-by-hussein-chalayanAs soon as you see Hussein Chalayan’s work, you know, this man is innovating fashion. In the Autumn/Winter show in the year 2000 he set his stage up like a sitting room. It consisted of four chairs, a table, a flat screen television, several vases and pots. In the finale four models approached the set of chairs, removed the covers and put them on. The chair covers turned into dresses. The last model stepped inside the table, lifted it up, and it transformed into a wooden skirt.

Chalayan, a British-Turkish Cypriot fashion designer, always tries to reinvent in his work. He loves working with the newest technologies. Click on the picture below to watch the short documentary (7,5 minutes) about the making of the last Spring/Summer 2012 Show in Paris. He explains that everything has been done before, but technology allows you to create new combinations, new relationships, new interactions.