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‘Fresh Guacamole’ a favourite recipe

Post by iSiZ

“Fresh Guacamole” is an animated short film by PESfilm. The animation was originally commisioned by Showtime as part of its “Short Stories” series. After being nominated for an Academy Award, it is now on youtube to enjoy. It was the shortest film ever nominated for an Oscar.

We see a grenade sliced open as an imitation avocado. A baseball is cut to pieces like an onion and is literally ‘sliced and diced’. An everyday object (well in some parts of the world a grenade is an everyday object :-()) is associated with food in a very humorous and clever way.
This is definitely my favourite recipe for ‘Fresh Guacamole’.

‘Walking’ by Ryan Larkin

Post by Paulien

Animator Ryan Larkin was a great observer.
With different techniques he illustrates a variety of people walking,
capturing their characters, all having their own unique movement.
Something we all do without thinking: just walking around.

Ryan Larkin (1943 – 2007) was a Canadian animator, artist, and
sculptor who rose to fame with his psychedelic Oscar-nominated short
Walking (1968) and ironically years later became the subject of the
Oscar-winning film Ryan.

Watch the film here: