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POPPY shows the dark side of globalisation

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Poppy is an exhibition and book by Robert Knoth and Antoinette de Jong. Launched on 31st of march 2012 at the Nederlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam. After visiting the exhibition last year, I left the building relieved and happy, a huge contrast with the topic of the audiovisual installation.

Obviously we must be grateful these courageous independent journalists covered this incredible story for many years and from so many perspectives. But as a creator I was so happy to see a beautiful multimedia production telling a story with all the media available: audio, still images, moving images, text, paper and ink.

The production is selected for the shortlist Dutch Doc Awards 2013. From 26 april 2013 the presentation will be exhibited in het Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam, together with the other nominees. 5th of june 2013 the winner will be presented.

Watch the trailer of the Poppy audiovisual installation below.



‘The Silk Road has linked the East and the West from time immemorial. Once a renowned trade route, it transferred religions and cultures, the Silk Road has now turned into a heroin route and is carving out a path of violence and destruction through one of the world’s most strategic yet volatile regions while on its way to the end of its destinations in Europe. Robert Knoth and Antoinette de Jong documented the route for two decades, covering the rise of the Taliban, the American intervention after September 9/11 and the recent surge in opium production. The images and texts in the publication and the audiovisual installation reveal a dark side of globalisation, as reflected in the faces of smugglers, prisoners, prostitutes, border guards, children and farmers.’



Lines with a touch of colour

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Gianluca Folì


Gianluca Folì makes beautiful illustrations with simple lines and a touch of colour. Here’s a fun and refreshing music video where he makes his drawings come to life.


Special crowdfunding project: Stories from Southeast

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Blue Dress Pictures has launched a new and exciting project that is to be realized through crowdfunding. The documentary is about the much discussed Southeast district of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

In this documentary we will portray an almost unknown image of Southeast Amsterdam: an honest and personal image about its real life.

In four personal portraits of people who work or live there, we show how the district Amsterdam Southeast affects their lives. The trailer of the movie introduces one of the four persons, Gerard, a photographer. It moves him as he notices that his grandson, who has dark skin, sometimes experiences this as something negative.

Watch the trailer:


The subject of the film, cultural differences, can be used as an instrument for polarization, intolerance and destruction. By reducing culture back to its essence, the individual man, the film attempts to paint a clear picture in an otherwise clouded subject.

For the first time we are attempting to have a project financed through crowdfunding. Therefore we have placed the documentary on the online crowdfunding platform voordekunst.

We have until the 21st of october 2012 to get the full funding of 18.150 euro. We still need to raise 68% of the total fund before this beautiful project can see the light.

You can help us make history by donating to this project. For every donation we will send you a reward. Check the rewards and how you can donate should you not be a resident in Holland by going to the information page on this blog.

For people backing the project from abroad, you’ll receive your reward by post and a private link to preview the English version of the documentary online. All the sponsors will be welcome to see the film on a big screen coming January. The film will be featured in a special preview movie night in Amsterdam Southeast. After which it will be send to various film festival around the world.

You can also support our project by sharing this project with your friends on facebook, twitter, wordpress or other social media platforms you’re connected to. We really hope you’ll find this project worth-while and hope to welcome you as a sponsor and friend!

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Struck by Hale Tenger’s work

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Last weekend I visited the exhibition ‘Istanbul Modern Rotterdam’ in museum Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Here a small collection of Istanbul Museum of Modern Art is shown. Gathering together works by fourteen artists from different periods. I was particularly struck by the work of artist Hale Tenger, a video installation called Beirut 2005-2007. A still taken from the video:

Beirut shows the windows of the hotel in front of which Rafik Hariri was assassinated by a car bomb in 2005. The video was shot secretly in an area that was under the armed protection of the United Nations. The peacefully fluttering white curtains of the empty hotel are in sharp contrast to the sounds of explosions and sirens heard in the background; we are suddenly confronted with the experience of war. As if highlighting postwar regret, oblivion, and the desperate repetition of war, the video is played in a loop, creating a vicious circle.

Below watch a fragment from the video installation ‘Beirut, 2005-2007’ (Don’t be mistaken, behind you hear the sound of another video installation ‘and Others, from the series of ‘Mines” by Ayse Erkmen.) The music for the Beirut video was composed by Serdar Ateser; the soundtrack at the end of the video was recorded in 2007 during Israel’s intervention in Lebanon and taken from Youtube (user:msoubra):