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Animation can personify thought

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Think, draw, animate = animator

Check out the endless possibilities within animation.


‘Relax the audience’ – Title Design

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Forget the Film, ‘Watch the Titles’ is a great dvd collection produced by Submarine. It includes a selection of title designs and 9 short documentaries celebrating its creators. It offers a great behind-the-scene look on title design. Here’s the trailer.

Watch the short documentary of creative director Michael Riley. He talks about the “golden handcuffs” of optical compositing and the power of a laptop, which is totally liberating motion designers in the design process.


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Motion Design is the art of bringing graphic design to life through animation. Traditionaly in Animated Film characters express themselves. In Motion Design the characters, often graphical forms, do not express themselves directly. However boundaries are growing vague in a rapidly changing digital world, where more is possible every day.

A group of people want to create a space in Paris devoted to Motion Design. The project’s name is motion-plus-design. The project proposes to explain Motion Design to the general public, the video already does a good job: