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A stunning piece of moving city life

Post by iSiZ

I’m fascinated by the beautiful patterns and shapes a kaleidoscope makes. Last year I posted an article about a Human Arabesque made from a 18-meter high kaleidoscope, read about it here.

Filmer and photographer Michael Shainblum has experimented with mirroring images and video for the past five years and has come up with a moving piece of city life  in ‘Mirror City’. He visually lures you through the cities of Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

Watch how he combines timelapse photography with kaleidoscope effects and reduces city life into ‘city-shapes’, ‘city-movements’ and ‘city-lights’. Whenever I watch a kaleidoscope made from landscapes, I can’t stop but wonder ‘Does a parallel universe look like this?’