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Be the change, that you want to see

Post by iSiZ

“My faith is as strong as ever. [. . .] There is no hope for the aching world except through the narrow and straight path of non-violence. Millions like me may fail to prove the truth in their own lives; that would be their failure, never of the eternal law.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Ghandi Statue Everard Read Gallery


MC Yogi, Niraj Chag and Michael Rosen have mixed original audio from the speech of Gandhi and made a music video from it called ‘Be the change’.

This post is a reaction to the useless violence right now in the city of Istanbul. I hope people will reflect on themselves and make a positive change.

Dedicated to the brave people of the world

Post by iSiZ

Some say perceverance, passion and innovative talent will lead to change and succes.
The world is watching the brave people in Istanbul. The music video in this post is dedicated to the brave people of the world.

Including my neighbour who helped catch visiting burglars in our offices two nights in a row. Tomorrow they wil stand before a judge.