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Atoms have to be organized hexagonally

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Watch this very original video, not because of the images you see, but because of the way it was made. Filmmakers, programmers and scientists have collaborated to create a Guinness World Record for the world’s smallest stop-motion film. A movie made with atoms. A movie so small it can be seen only when you magnify it 100 million times.

You can watch the making of right under this link.

A corporate video is not a luxury anymore.

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Today, with growing opportunities for companies on the internet, companies need not only a corporate identity, but also a decent website, and ideally enough, great visuals to trigger the mind of the website visitor. A corporate video is not a luxury anymore.

If a company has a history to draw from, a short documentary is a great way to visualise it’s identity. An example is this 13 minute video IBM has made to celebrate its 100 years of existence. It shows 100 IBM’ers, young and old, who explain a special result the company has made every year from 1911 to 2011.


This is a 30 minute short documentary IBM has made to let their innovating IBM’ers explain how their inventions changed the world.

Who will invent the technologies that we rely on in Smart Cities of the Future?

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IBM is one of many companies investing in technology for Smarter Cities in the Future. Three weeks ago I posted Andy Stanford-Clark’s first of a three part video blog about The Chale Project aiming to make the Isle of Wight UK’s first sustainable region. In the first video blog he talked about using home automation technologies in his home.

Here’s part 2 about monitoring your sustainable house after for example implementing an air source heat pump..


.. and part 3 is about electrical vehicles, storing sustainable energy and federating small smart regions into one big smart grid after which to take over the world!


We’re living in exciting times.. what will our world look like in 5, 10, 20 years time..?

The Future will tell.. Good to know some of us already invest and work hard on making the world a more sustainable place.

I always get inspired by great ideas

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Who will invent the technologies that we rely on in the future?
This short animation was made, by the European Commission’s Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) programme, to inspire you. The programme supports radically new forms and uses of information and information technologies.



Also watch the first of a series of three video blogs by Andy Stanford-Clark, IBM’s Chief Technology Officer of Smarter Energy. He explains his personal mission to reduce the energy consumption in his home. He does this by experimenting with home automation technologies.

He may inspire you to try to do the same. I’m curious what the future beholds, for these initiatives aim to make the Isle of Wight UK’s first sustainable region. We will post Andy’s next diary about The Chale Project on this blog, stay tuned!