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The First 3-D Printed Book Cover

Post by Meltem Akturk

The world’s first 3-D printed book cover is a novel by Chang-Rae Lee “On Such a Full Sea” published by Riverhead Books. Helen Yentus, the art director of Riverhead Books says about the making of the slipcover “We’re looking for new ways to present our books that give people the opportunity to have something to hold onto that’s not available in digital form,”

It’s beautifully designed book and a very beautiful application of the 3d printer, it’s more an object than a normal book.

A Brochure Made Entirely Without Energy

Post by Meltem Akturk

This brochure was designed and printed using techniques that didn’t require any electricity. It was a campaing of the electricity company EDP Group that tries to bring electricity to isolated communities in regions like the Amazon and Sub-Saharan Africa. In response, the designteam of Leo Burnett Lisboa decided to produce the commissioned brochure without the use of any electricity.

Actually, we are so dependent on industry, economy and technology for even the most basic of our everyday activities but this video shows us how difficult is it to make only a basic brochure without electricity.

“For me, graphic design is totally art” Reza Abedini

Post by Meltem

Reza Abedini,  (born 1967 in Tehran) is an Iranian designer and a professor of graphic design and visual culture at Tehran University.
Reza Abedini is an accomplished graphic designer who continually blurs the lines between art and design. He combines simple illustrations with poetic typography and elegant layouts, exploring the beauty of the Persian language.  As well as being a member of the AGI, Abedini has won many awards as well as judged and been apart of many panel discussions.

Enjoy bookdesign

Post by Meltem

Irma Boom, a Dutch graphic designer, is internationally known for designing books. Her work was added to the special collections of the University of Amsterdam and Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York. She recently designed the new house style and logo for Rijksmuseum Amsterdam.


Boom creates artistic and special books, she likes to experiment with materials and folding techniques. She does not only work within the design on paper, but rather she dares to think and work out of the box. That is very inspiring.