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The Lovers

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The music video for singer Carla Bruni’s song L’Amoureuse has a playfull ambiance. Perhaps like lovers are in their period of joyfulness.

The music video is, what we call, 2.5D animation. Pictures are made spacial in post production. The many pictures of clouds in the video gives a sense of freedom. The drawing animation that arises within the pictures makes it playfull. I think the video has achieved an appropriate sunday morning feeling, when it is still a surprise what the day will bring.

Still drawing

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This month I joined the Zen Drawing Challenge. The challenge is about spending 15 minutes drawing everyday for a month.

Michelle Dujardin explains on her blog all about zen drawing:
‘Zen drawing refers to realistic drawing as a meditation technique. You use your eyes to achieve a meditative state, just by changing the way you look. When you try to concentrate fully on seeing, you will notice that you become more silent. You start to see without any projections of the mind. It feels like you become one with the subject.’

This technique reminded me of a very beautiful animation I saw years ago of Linde Faas. One of the prices the animation won was in 2008 at the Holland Animation Film Festival, it became first in the student competition. Not only does the style of the animation ‘According to birds’ remind me of the zen drawing technique. It also shows the patients and the open view the animator must have had while observing these birds.

Technology brings drawing back to computer animation

Post by iSiZ

The animated short film Paperman is already winning prizes and is on the nomination list for Best Animated Short Film at the Oscars this year. What’s so special about this 2012 production? The film is a combinations of traditional hand-drawn animation with computer animation.

I think this is an example of how technology can be used to combine our talents, like drawing, with computer animation. Mixing 2D drawings with 3D modeled environments. Another example of technology and it’s endless possibilities.

Check out what director John Kahrs inspired to make this film:


Paperman is a black-and-white animation by Walt Disney Animation Studios.
Watch the full 6,5 minute short here:

Multiple Perspectives

Post by iSiZ

Today I wanted to share (in my view) a very important perspective on life. That is to always try and keep the different perspectives in life. As artist Raghava KK so beautifully explains in his TEDxTalk: