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Migration is just another pit stop

Post by iSiZ

We have started the research for our new project, to be realized next year, about immigration. More about it soon! As we advance the research we find interesting projects already out there on the internet about immigration.

Like this video made by Nadja Haugas. The two minute video is about the places her family has migrated to in their lives. She begins with her grandfather migrating from Sweden to Estonia. Mentions her grandmother’s, father’s, mother’s and her own migrations. By the end of the film it gives me a sense of: ‘It doesn’t matter where you go, it is just another pit stop.’

The second video is made by Nicolas Lefaucheux. Migrating means leaving your home. For some people more than others it means dealing with homesick feelings. Nicolas tries to define homesickness in this short animation film.



Between The Folds, about origami and life

Post by iSiZ

Did you know you can make any shape by the process of folding paper and one straight cut?

A must watch documentary! Vanessa Goulding’s film about origami, it is also about science, art and mathematics, ‘Between The Folds’ was produced in 2009 and has won various awards at film festivals.

Vanessa: ‘There are many talented and innovative people choosing to work in paper and 2D surfaces—engineers, architects, sculptors, scientists and fine artists. So many of them deserve attention, and have beautiful work and ideas to share. In a way, the film only reveals the tip of the iceberg.’

It is an interesting documentary about what origami can bring to our lifes.

Klick through to see the film on youtube.





Feestelijke première van de film Verhalen uit Zuidoost

Door Jos

Ruim een jaar geleden besloten wij dat het tijd was voor een film waarin een eerlijk beeld van Zuidoost werd getoond. Niet het één dimensionale beeld dat veel buitenstaanders hebben, maar een beeld vanuit meerdere gezichtspunten, geschetst door mensen die Zuidoost goed kennen. Vorig jaar rond deze tijd zaten we nog middenin de crowdfunding hectiek, en was de film nog niet meer dan een broos toekomstbeeld. Een jaar later is de crowdfunding succesvol afgerond, de film opgenomen en zijn we klaar voor de première.

Op vrijdag 11 oktober, om 20:00 uur zal onze film Verhalen uit Zuidoost voor het eerst vertoond worden op metrostation Bullewijk. Na de film kan je ons tijdens een Q&A sessie de hemd van het lijf vragen over de film. We maken de Zuidoostervaring compleet met een optreden van Brakko TrixXx, Rex en Phantom met het nummer Belly van de B.

Omdat onze première onderdeel is van het Metro Movies filmfestival, kan je al vanaf 17:00 uur onder het genot van een drankje genieten van muziek van de Poetry Pusher bij metrostation Bullewijk. Na onze première zijn er nog verschillende korte films te zien van o.a. en eyefilm, met als inspiratie ‘de stad’.

We hopen je dan te zien! Kijk tot die tijd vooral op de Facebook pagina van Verhalen uit Zuidoost, daar vind je al het nieuws over de film en de première, heet van de digitale naald.

Fillmposter Verhalen uit Zuidoost

‘Curiosity and appreciation enables the muscle of imagination’

Post by iSiZ

In the six minute documentary below, Michael Wolff, co-founder of Branding Agency Wolff Olins, explains his muscles of seeing.  At an early age he notices how visually curious or visually conscious he was. He explains how designers get shoved into silo’s by being called a graphic designer, a product designer or an architect. More than anything he appreciates the holistic approach of looking at the world with muscles of curiosity, appreciation and imagination.

Just like a child it is very important to live your life and keep a sense of amazement and curiosity. I try to remind myself every now and then, when I have one of those clear moments.

John Lasseter – A Day in a Life

Post by iSiZ

Aren’t you curious how a day in the life of John Lasseter, chief creative officer of Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios, is like? Here’s an entertaining 25 minute documentary of a day in his life.


At the moment there is a nice overview exhibition in Amsterdam until the 27th of oktober 2013. Enough time, so make sure to catch this one! The exhibition is called: ‘Pixar: 25 Years of Animation’. There is a lot to see; original models, old animationfilms, special installations with storyboards, sketches, paintings, clay figures and more. This exhibition breathes passion, creativity and technology. Have a peak behind the scene’s and get inspired!

Under this link you’ll find a full length documentary on ‘The Pixar story’.

Follow me home

Post by iSiZ

Aṣa, a Nigerian French singer-songwriter, was born in Paris. She grew up in Lagos, the south-western part of Nigeria. Her texts are about her country, life and the things in her life. Her music fuses jazz, funk, soul and reggae. Watch how Aṣa takes German reggae figure Gentleman on a personal journey through her hometown Lagos in this 50 minute documentary.

In the videoclip below she sings the song BA MI DELE, meaning: follow me home in Yoruba.

It is a story of a young girl wooed tirelessly by a young lawyer from out of town. She initially refuses, but soon finds herself having strong feelings for this young man. She becomes pregnant and finds out he’s not taking responsibility to claim the unborn child. She still loves him and wants him to make the relationship formal. In the darkness of her room at night, she longs for the strong arms of her man around her.

First Teaser Trailer Stories from Southeast

Post by Jos

Because of all the support we received for our crowdfunding project, we’re able to concentrate on the production of our documentary Stories from Southeast. We will keep you posted on any significant developments through this blog and the Facebook page. We start with the first teaser trailer that comes with this post. Think of it as a visual appetizer. We hope it will give you an appetite for more.


The main course, the public premiere, will be held in the Southeast district op Amsterdam this September. We shouldn’t risk missing that deadline, before you know it the Southeast district of Amsterdam won’t exist anymore. Okay, that might be overstating it a bit, but as an official place name the Southeast district of Amsterdam will seize to exist from May 2014. Who knows, our documentary may end up being the source of the final, authentic images of this lost piece of Amsterdam… ;-)

We will continue working on the movie and we’ll be sure to let you know when we can give you another appetizer.