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Technology brings drawing back to computer animation

Post by iSiZ

The animated short film Paperman is already winning prizes and is on the nomination list for Best Animated Short Film at the Oscars this year. What’s so special about this 2012 production? The film is a combinations of traditional hand-drawn animation with computer animation.

I think this is an example of how technology can be used to combine our talents, like drawing, with computer animation. Mixing 2D drawings with 3D modeled environments. Another example of technology and it’s endless possibilities.

Check out what director John Kahrs inspired to make this film:


Paperman is a black-and-white animation by Walt Disney Animation Studios.
Watch the full 6,5 minute short here:

An animated epic fresco, from medieval rural to urban in the future

Post by iSiZ

Babel is an animated epic fresco, which tells the story of two characters, their personal lives against the backdrop of China’s historical progression, from rural to urban. Produced by Studio Hdk Productions based in Paris.

At one point the main character travels by train, the landscape transforms from a medieval rural village setting to where he arrives, in the future.

It was filmed in Shanghai, but most work was done behind the computer, compositing. This epic collage is a must see. You can watch the full length 15 minutes here. Also watch the director Hendrick Dusollier get interviewed in the following video.

A holographic image by the push of a button.

Post by iSiZ

In 2006 at the the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California, the virtual band Gorillaz and Madonna performed using a holographic projection technology.


Both the live and TV audiences who watched the performance had no clue that what they were watching, at least in the first few minutes of Madonna’s performance, was just virtual reality. The rappers De La Soul who came onstage were, in fact, the real deal.

It’s a modern virtual version of a stage illusion called Pepper’s ghost. How dit they do it? They used a Musion Eyeliner System to project a high definition 3D animated video to allow the moving images to appear within a live stage setting. I just love how technology is evolving. Watch a 2 minute how it works here.