Title Design

The First 3-D Printed Book Cover

Post by Meltem Akturk

The world’s first 3-D printed book cover is a novel by Chang-Rae Lee “On Such a Full Sea” published by Riverhead Books. Helen Yentus, the art director of Riverhead Books says about the making of the slipcover “We’re looking for new ways to present our books that give people the opportunity to have something to hold onto that’s not available in digital form,”

It’s beautifully designed book and a very beautiful application of the 3d printer, it’s more an object than a normal book.

‘Relax the audience’ – Title Design

Post by iSiZ

Forget the Film, ‘Watch the Titles’ is a great dvd collection produced by Submarine. It includes a selection of title designs and 9 short documentaries celebrating its creators. It offers a great behind-the-scene look on title design. Here’s the trailer.

Watch the short documentary of creative director Michael Riley. He talks about the “golden handcuffs” of optical compositing and the power of a laptop, which is totally liberating motion designers in the design process.