Between The Folds, about origami and life

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Did you know you can make any shape by the process of folding paper and one straight cut?

A must watch documentary! Vanessa Goulding’s film about origami, it is also about science, art and mathematics, ‘Between The Folds’ was produced in 2009 and has won various awards at film festivals.

Vanessa: ‘There are many talented and innovative people choosing to work in paper and 2D surfaces—engineers, architects, sculptors, scientists and fine artists. So many of them deserve attention, and have beautiful work and ideas to share. In a way, the film only reveals the tip of the iceberg.’

It is an interesting documentary about what origami can bring to our lifes.

Klick through to see the film on youtube.






‘Curiosity and appreciation enables the muscle of imagination’

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In the six minute documentary below, Michael Wolff, co-founder of Branding Agency Wolff Olins, explains his muscles of seeing.  At an early age he notices how visually curious or visually conscious he was. He explains how designers get shoved into silo’s by being called a graphic designer, a product designer or an architect. More than anything he appreciates the holistic approach of looking at the world with muscles of curiosity, appreciation and imagination.

Just like a child it is very important to live your life and keep a sense of amazement and curiosity. I try to remind myself every now and then, when I have one of those clear moments.

A stunning piece of moving city life

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I’m fascinated by the beautiful patterns and shapes a kaleidoscope makes. Last year I posted an article about a Human Arabesque made from a 18-meter high kaleidoscope, read about it here.

Filmer and photographer Michael Shainblum has experimented with mirroring images and video for the past five years and has come up with a moving piece of city life  in ‘Mirror City’. He visually lures you through the cities of Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

Watch how he combines timelapse photography with kaleidoscope effects and reduces city life into ‘city-shapes’, ‘city-movements’ and ‘city-lights’. Whenever I watch a kaleidoscope made from landscapes, I can’t stop but wonder ‘Does a parallel universe look like this?’

Wrapping of landscape or buildings

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Christo (Javacheff) and Jeanne-Claude (de Guillebon) are husband and wife and were born on the same day in 1935, he in Bulgaria and she in Morocco. Christo studied art in Sofia and in Prague. Jeanne-Claude studied Latin and philosophy in Tunis. They met in Paris in 1958. Since that time they have collaborated on an impressive oeuvre of artistic work. The wrapping of the Reichstag in the summer of 1995 once again placed the Christos in the spotlight of the international art world, a center stage position they have held several times before: in 1991 during the installation of The Umbrellas, Japan-U.S.A., 1984-91; in 1985, with The Pont Neuf Wrapped, Paris, 1975-1985; in 1976, with the installation of the Running Fence, Sonoma and Marin Counties, California, 1972-76; and so on back to their first collaborations in 1961 on the docks of the Cologne harbor.

Saving a Humpback Whale

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Michael Fishbach, from The Great Whale Conservancy, unexpectedly, while on a boat trip with his family and friends, stumbles upon a Humpback Whale stuck in a fishing net. Watch as this inspiring story unfolds:


“For me, graphic design is totally art” Reza Abedini

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Reza Abedini,  (born 1967 in Tehran) is an Iranian designer and a professor of graphic design and visual culture at Tehran University.
Reza Abedini is an accomplished graphic designer who continually blurs the lines between art and design. He combines simple illustrations with poetic typography and elegant layouts, exploring the beauty of the Persian language.  As well as being a member of the AGI, Abedini has won many awards as well as judged and been apart of many panel discussions.

‘Fresh Guacamole’ a favourite recipe

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“Fresh Guacamole” is an animated short film by PESfilm. The animation was originally commisioned by Showtime as part of its “Short Stories” series. After being nominated for an Academy Award, it is now on youtube to enjoy. It was the shortest film ever nominated for an Oscar.

We see a grenade sliced open as an imitation avocado. A baseball is cut to pieces like an onion and is literally ‘sliced and diced’. An everyday object (well in some parts of the world a grenade is an everyday object :-()) is associated with food in a very humorous and clever way.
This is definitely my favourite recipe for ‘Fresh Guacamole’.