Powerful Design

Post by iSiZ

In the end it’s up to the consumer whether a product is successful and in what context it will be used.

Design exists because it solves problems. A chair was once designed to solve the problem of siting upright instead of on the ground. While the car was invented to solve the problem of transporting a person or cargo from A to B, it is now one of the main causes of air pollution. Today designers pay more attention to whether a product is sustainable, for example is it social design or is it recyclable?



An example is the WakaWaka Light, it uses solar technology to bring electricity to those parts of the worlds where electricity is not accessible. WakaWaka is an impact driven, social venture that fights to abolish energy poverty throughout the world, by replacing kerosene lamps with off-grid solar powered products. This saves money, results in better school grades, increases income-generating capacity for families by enabling the ability to charge mobile phones and by stimulating entrepreneurship.

Let’s start asking the question to non-designers: Which problem needs solving by design in your environment? Watch the trailer of the film ‘Design & Thinking’ for some inspiration. Also check the website of the film for more information.



A Brochure Made Entirely Without Energy

Post by Meltem Akturk

This brochure was designed and printed using techniques that didn’t require any electricity. It was a campaing of the electricity company EDP Group that tries to bring electricity to isolated communities in regions like the Amazon and Sub-Saharan Africa. In response, the designteam of Leo Burnett Lisboa decided to produce the commissioned brochure without the use of any electricity.

Actually, we are so dependent on industry, economy and technology for even the most basic of our everyday activities but this video shows us how difficult is it to make only a basic brochure without electricity.

Feestelijke première van de film Verhalen uit Zuidoost

Door Jos

Ruim een jaar geleden besloten wij dat het tijd was voor een film waarin een eerlijk beeld van Zuidoost werd getoond. Niet het één dimensionale beeld dat veel buitenstaanders hebben, maar een beeld vanuit meerdere gezichtspunten, geschetst door mensen die Zuidoost goed kennen. Vorig jaar rond deze tijd zaten we nog middenin de crowdfunding hectiek, en was de film nog niet meer dan een broos toekomstbeeld. Een jaar later is de crowdfunding succesvol afgerond, de film opgenomen en zijn we klaar voor de première.

Op vrijdag 11 oktober, om 20:00 uur zal onze film Verhalen uit Zuidoost voor het eerst vertoond worden op metrostation Bullewijk. Na de film kan je ons tijdens een Q&A sessie de hemd van het lijf vragen over de film. We maken de Zuidoostervaring compleet met een optreden van Brakko TrixXx, Rex en Phantom met het nummer Belly van de B.

Omdat onze première onderdeel is van het Metro Movies filmfestival, kan je al vanaf 17:00 uur onder het genot van een drankje genieten van muziek van de Poetry Pusher bij metrostation Bullewijk. Na onze première zijn er nog verschillende korte films te zien van o.a. en eyefilm, met als inspiratie ‘de stad’.

We hopen je dan te zien! Kijk tot die tijd vooral op de Facebook pagina van Verhalen uit Zuidoost, daar vind je al het nieuws over de film en de première, heet van de digitale naald.

Fillmposter Verhalen uit Zuidoost

First Teaser Trailer Stories from Southeast

Post by Jos

Because of all the support we received for our crowdfunding project, we’re able to concentrate on the production of our documentary Stories from Southeast. We will keep you posted on any significant developments through this blog and the Facebook page. We start with the first teaser trailer that comes with this post. Think of it as a visual appetizer. We hope it will give you an appetite for more.


The main course, the public premiere, will be held in the Southeast district op Amsterdam this September. We shouldn’t risk missing that deadline, before you know it the Southeast district of Amsterdam won’t exist anymore. Okay, that might be overstating it a bit, but as an official place name the Southeast district of Amsterdam will seize to exist from May 2014. Who knows, our documentary may end up being the source of the final, authentic images of this lost piece of Amsterdam… ;-)

We will continue working on the movie and we’ll be sure to let you know when we can give you another appetizer.

You don’t have to write this, history does this for you

Post by iSiZ

This is what it looks like when a visual effects software company gets help from sponsors and a great team to make a short spy movie.

In the movie Spy vs Guy a spy attempts to get a coin back that he lost to a pizza boy. This coin can activate a missile. The many failing attempts by the spy give a funny and somewhat caricature and cartoonish feel to the movie.

Some of the scenes are inspired on true stories. Seth Worley, the director says: ‘You don’t have to write this, history does this for you.’

Solipsism: only one’s own mind is sure to exist

Post by iSiZ

This year, from 20 until 28 Oct, Dutch Design Week 2012 has it’s 11th edition on what Dutch Design has to offer the world. It is again hosted in Eindhoven (The Netherlands) and showcasing unique insights into the future of design. Check out the programming here.

For the third time FILM + DESIGN mini festival organises a 9-day program alongside. The event shows experimental films, documentaries, visuals and video installations. This year’s theme is ‘I do not sleep, I dream: in film, colors and mirrors.’ It is where boundaries between audience, context and film are blurred.

Watch an example of how Andrew Thomas Huang did just that. Beneath the trailer of his award winning short film “Solipsist”. Watch the full 10 minute version here.

Special crowdfunding project: Stories from Southeast

Post by iSiZ

Blue Dress Pictures has launched a new and exciting project that is to be realized through crowdfunding. The documentary is about the much discussed Southeast district of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

In this documentary we will portray an almost unknown image of Southeast Amsterdam: an honest and personal image about its real life.

In four personal portraits of people who work or live there, we show how the district Amsterdam Southeast affects their lives. The trailer of the movie introduces one of the four persons, Gerard, a photographer. It moves him as he notices that his grandson, who has dark skin, sometimes experiences this as something negative.

Watch the trailer:


The subject of the film, cultural differences, can be used as an instrument for polarization, intolerance and destruction. By reducing culture back to its essence, the individual man, the film attempts to paint a clear picture in an otherwise clouded subject.

For the first time we are attempting to have a project financed through crowdfunding. Therefore we have placed the documentary on the online crowdfunding platform voordekunst.

We have until the 21st of october 2012 to get the full funding of 18.150 euro. We still need to raise 68% of the total fund before this beautiful project can see the light.

You can help us make history by donating to this project. For every donation we will send you a reward. Check the rewards and how you can donate should you not be a resident in Holland by going to the information page on this blog.

For people backing the project from abroad, you’ll receive your reward by post and a private link to preview the English version of the documentary online. All the sponsors will be welcome to see the film on a big screen coming January. The film will be featured in a special preview movie night in Amsterdam Southeast. After which it will be send to various film festival around the world.

You can also support our project by sharing this project with your friends on facebook, twitter, wordpress or other social media platforms you’re connected to. We really hope you’ll find this project worth-while and hope to welcome you as a sponsor and friend!

Kind Regard,