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A corporate video is not a luxury anymore.

Post by iSiZ

Today, with growing opportunities for companies on the internet, companies need not only a corporate identity, but also a decent website, and ideally enough, great visuals to trigger the mind of the website visitor. A corporate video is not a luxury anymore.

If a company has a history to draw from, a short documentary is a great way to visualise it’s identity. An example is this 13 minute video IBM has made to celebrate its 100 years of existence. It shows 100 IBM’ers, young and old, who explain a special result the company has made every year from 1911 to 2011.


This is a 30 minute short documentary IBM has made to let their innovating IBM’ers explain how their inventions changed the world.

Let there be light

Post by iSiZ

There are many ways to visually present an organisation. A corporate identity is one of the first things that comes to mind when we talk about the identity of a company. An ideal corporate identity visualises exactly what the company stands for.

The University of California has understood it and articulated, for the first time in 143 years, a comprehensive visual identity.

This video explains the genesis of the University of California logo. With animation, their visuals, the title: ‘Let there be light’ and an empty book as an icon in de video they have persuaded me. I’m in! Even though I’ve never been there and have not met anyone who’s connected to the university.