Migration is just another pit stop

Post by iSiZ

We have started the research for our new project, to be realized next year, about immigration. More about it soon! As we advance the research we find interesting projects already out there on the internet about immigration.

Like this video made by Nadja Haugas. The two minute video is about the places her family has migrated to in their lives. She begins with her grandfather migrating from Sweden to Estonia. Mentions her grandmother’s, father’s, mother’s and her own migrations. By the end of the film it gives me a sense of: ‘It doesn’t matter where you go, it is just another pit stop.’

The second video is made by Nicolas Lefaucheux. Migrating means leaving your home. For some people more than others it means dealing with homesick feelings. Nicolas tries to define homesickness in this short animation film.




Our blue friends

Post by Meltem

Peyo (Pierre Culliford 1928 – 1992) was a Belgian comics artist and creator of Smurfs comic strip. Peyo created Smurfs in 1958, it is now 2013 and smurfs are still popular. That the Smurfs’ blue was selected because it was a color he thought children would like. It is fantastic and universal strip that all the children of the world like. Peyo could not have imagined how popular his little blue friends would become.

Peyo -2005 CBBD permanent Exhibition in Brussels-Belgium

Nanomaterials from the Nanofactory

Post by iSiZ

Nanotechnology, also called nanotech, refers to the construction of materials from the bottom up, using techniques and tools being developed today to make complete, high performance products.


Nanotech is a technology that manipulates atoms and molecules for fabrication on macroscale products. The world of the very small! Watch how a nanofactory may look like in this animation.


Nanotechnology may be able to create many new materials and devices in medicine, electronics, biomaterials and energy production. However scepticists, as always is the case of new technologies, worry about the environmental impact of nanomaterials and their potential effects on global economics, as well as doomsday scenarios.

I’m not so much a scepticist. I can’t wait until I get hold of my first nanoelectronic videocamera or quantum computer. It will open up so much more creative production possibilities. I just hope I don’t get lost in the endless possibilities that a quantum computer will probably show me.

Watch this 10 minute short documentary explaining nanotechnology. Paul Alivisators, the director of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, explains us: ‘These advances are key to achieving health and achieving sustainable energy technology. The big issues of our world today. I think every member of the public has an obligation to learn a little bit about these things so they can participate in that debate in a meaningful way.”

Portrait of the physical and the psychological

Post by iSiZ

Sergio Albiac creates, what he calls videorative portraits, a more “realistic” contemporary portrait of the physical and the psychological. His working process involves writing computer programs that generate these images. Like de video below, a collage of a person’s (video) memories that show up in the portrait.

The artist wanted to express the interior world of a human being, through memories, emotions, relationships and personal story. This is how he goes about generating a portrait:

‘Painting a Videorative portrait starts with collecting personal videos of the person portrayed, tagged by him/her with relevant concepts and descriptions. Then, using a custom developed tool, he “paints with meanings” and generates a video portrait, subtitled with generative personal narratives. In the interactive installation version of the work, the viewer can “navigate” through the subject’s mind, opening his/her video memories, accessing their thoughts and revealing hidden connections between the meanings, using real time access to Wikipedia to infer related emotional states.’

‘Fresh Guacamole’ a favourite recipe

Post by iSiZ

“Fresh Guacamole” is an animated short film by PESfilm. The animation was originally commisioned by Showtime as part of its “Short Stories” series. After being nominated for an Academy Award, it is now on youtube to enjoy. It was the shortest film ever nominated for an Oscar.

We see a grenade sliced open as an imitation avocado. A baseball is cut to pieces like an onion and is literally ‘sliced and diced’. An everyday object (well in some parts of the world a grenade is an everyday object :-()) is associated with food in a very humorous and clever way.
This is definitely my favourite recipe for ‘Fresh Guacamole’.

John Lasseter – A Day in a Life

Post by iSiZ

Aren’t you curious how a day in the life of John Lasseter, chief creative officer of Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios, is like? Here’s an entertaining 25 minute documentary of a day in his life.


At the moment there is a nice overview exhibition in Amsterdam until the 27th of oktober 2013. Enough time, so make sure to catch this one! The exhibition is called: ‘Pixar: 25 Years of Animation’. There is a lot to see; original models, old animationfilms, special installations with storyboards, sketches, paintings, clay figures and more. This exhibition breathes passion, creativity and technology. Have a peak behind the scene’s and get inspired!

Under this link you’ll find a full length documentary on ‘The Pixar story’.

Dedicated to the brave people of the world

Post by iSiZ

Some say perceverance, passion and innovative talent will lead to change and succes.
The world is watching the brave people in Istanbul. The music video in this post is dedicated to the brave people of the world.

Including my neighbour who helped catch visiting burglars in our offices two nights in a row. Tomorrow they wil stand before a judge.