Saving a Humpback Whale

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Michael Fishbach, from The Great Whale Conservancy, unexpectedly, while on a boat trip with his family and friends, stumbles upon a Humpback Whale stuck in a fishing net. Watch as this inspiring story unfolds:


Still drawing

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This month I joined the Zen Drawing Challenge. The challenge is about spending 15 minutes drawing everyday for a month.

Michelle Dujardin explains on her blog all about zen drawing:
‘Zen drawing refers to realistic drawing as a meditation technique. You use your eyes to achieve a meditative state, just by changing the way you look. When you try to concentrate fully on seeing, you will notice that you become more silent. You start to see without any projections of the mind. It feels like you become one with the subject.’

This technique reminded me of a very beautiful animation I saw years ago of Linde Faas. One of the prices the animation won was in 2008 at the Holland Animation Film Festival, it became first in the student competition. Not only does the style of the animation ‘According to birds’ remind me of the zen drawing technique. It also shows the patients and the open view the animator must have had while observing these birds.

New perspectives of our planet

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Human behaviour can be interesting to observe.. as it can amaze and teach us more about ourselves. However ‘not everyday images’ of animals in nature can be flabbergastingly beautiful and teach too.

Filmmaker Karen Bass shows us amazing footages of grizzly bears waking from their winter sleep in Alaska and of a bat pollinating a unique flower. This bat was discoverd in 2005 in the Cloud Forest of Ecuador. These images make me appreciate live on earth more. It makes me realise the spider that I’m afraid of in the house is also a living creature, it has it’s habits and moods.

Watch Bass’s footages and be amazed.