Blue Dress Pictures is driven by the moment when worlds meet.

Increases social capital by sharing stories that connect worlds. At Blue Dress Pictures we create and share social content through local and online events. Within every project we aim to ensure quality and find ways to connect with the public.

The development of working within multiple disciplines and platforms is incontestably linked with the development in society. Due to innovation in technology, the creative possibilities have increased drastically.

Here professional creators collaborate to achieve surprising social projects through the art of film, photography, design and writing. At the core we are committed to discovering, learning and adapting ways of expression and presentation. We are always concerned with how to convey a refreshing and creative result with every project.

premiere voorstelling-11

Première event, October 2013, presenting short documentary Stories from Southeast on a local event in the Southeast district of Amsterdam.

As an artist iSiZ has always been interested in telling a story by using imagery, and this platform is a logical consequence. Blue Dress Pictures is a way to use her creativity as a service to others. The aim of this service is to translate the wish of the client to an original resulting image. As a film maker she has experience with all the stages of a production. Her specializations are concept development, storyboard and direction.


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