Tangled Up in the 1920s

Post by iSiZ


With only a few weeks until the release of her new album Dutch singer Caro Emerald has already revealed a peak by introducing the single ‘Tangled Up’, accompanied by a music video. In retrospective the video refers to a period of economic prosperity in the bigger cities of Europe and Amerika in the 1920s.

The team at Videodrome have mixed live action footage with animation to create a stylized world referring to the passionate Tango dance and the roaring 1920s. They have also been inspired by the Film Noir Cinema of the 1940s in Amerika. We made a music video for Dutch singer Karsu Dönmez inspired by this period. Watch the music video *Mistress* under this link.

The economic prosperity of the 1920’s in Europe and Amerika is a big contrast with the situation today. Nevertheless today’s technological developments mean endless opportunities, like the 1920s! For the creatives of this world it means we can find exciting new ways of expression.


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