Struck by Hale Tenger’s work

Post by iSiZ

Last weekend I visited the exhibition ‘Istanbul Modern Rotterdam’ in museum Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Here a small collection of Istanbul Museum of Modern Art is shown. Gathering together works by fourteen artists from different periods. I was particularly struck by the work of artist Hale Tenger, a video installation called Beirut 2005-2007. A still taken from the video:

Beirut shows the windows of the hotel in front of which Rafik Hariri was assassinated by a car bomb in 2005. The video was shot secretly in an area that was under the armed protection of the United Nations. The peacefully fluttering white curtains of the empty hotel are in sharp contrast to the sounds of explosions and sirens heard in the background; we are suddenly confronted with the experience of war. As if highlighting postwar regret, oblivion, and the desperate repetition of war, the video is played in a loop, creating a vicious circle.

Below watch a fragment from the video installation ‘Beirut, 2005-2007’ (Don’t be mistaken, behind you hear the sound of another video installation ‘and Others, from the series of ‘Mines” by Ayse Erkmen.) The music for the Beirut video was composed by Serdar Ateser; the soundtrack at the end of the video was recorded in 2007 during Israel’s intervention in Lebanon and taken from Youtube (user:msoubra):


2 responses

  1. Pilar Cardiel

    I was also struck by Hale Tenger’s video. The composition between music and image is beatifully achieved. Impressive!

    July 20, 2012 at 18:38

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