William Kentridge: Pain & Sympathy Art 21 “Exclusive”

Post by Paulien Bekker


With his video “History of the Main Complaint” (1996) serving as a backdrop, William Kentridge discusses how artists draw upon tragedy as subject matter for their work and how drawing itself can be a compassionate act.

Page by page he draws the images with charcoal and takes pictures of them. His films are produced without any storyboard or script.

About William Kentridge

William Kentridge born in Johannesburg, South Africa, witnessed first-hand one of the twentieth century’s most contentious struggles—the dissolution of apartheid—Kentridge brings the ambiguity and subtlety of personal experience to public subjects that are most often framed in narrowly defined terms. Using film, drawing, sculpture, animation, and performance, he transmutes sobering political events into powerful poetic allegories. Without a script or storyboard, Kentridge records his scenes as they evolve by photgraphing his charcoal drawings and paper collages over time, recording scenes as they evolve into an animated film.


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