Cinemagraphs are beautiful motion pictures

Animated images have been popular sinds the very beginning of webdesign. A company called CompuServe introduced the GIF-format in 1987. They wanted to create a digital format which would hold fairly good colour quality and be downloadable in a reasonable short time. They also added the support for animation delays and transparent backgrounds.

A very well known gif-animation is a moving Sirius Black Wanted poster in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Gif-animation moved to the background when other forms of animation, like flash, became more popular on the web. Last year Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg put gif-animation in the spotlight again, they called it Cinemagraphs.

Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck produced their first cinemagraph ‘Les Tendrils’ on 13th of february 2011.  It is once again a very attractive low file size moving presentation for a website. Watch a behind the scenes here, as they make cinemagraphs.

Les Tendrils, Beck, Burg

Other examples of Cinemagraphs:



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