An unique virtual documentary about re-inventing existing highrise neighbourhoods falling into disrepair

One Millionth Tower is a story with global implications about how, with the power of imagination, we can transform the urban and virtual spaces that belong to all of us. Above you can watch a six minute animated version. Go to the HIGHRISE website to watch the interactive documentary in the webbrowser.

One Millionth Tower is a web-documentary with concrete result of a community collaboration to re-imagine the particular spaces around highrises. More than one billion of us live in vertical homes, most of which are falling into disrepair. One Millionth Tower suggests these problems can be solved, it just takes some imagination. Highrise residents, together with architects, re-envision their vertical neighbourhood, and animators and web programmers bring their sketches to life in this documentary for the contemporary web browser.

The film was carefully crafted to experience it interactive on the internet. It uses interactive tools to illustrate the Toronto residents’ ideas about how to improve the decaying high-rise in which they live. Powered entirely by HTML5, WebGL, and other open source JavaScript libraries, One Millionth Tower is loaded with photos and information from all over the web, and exists in an online three-dimensional environment and is one of the world’s first HTML5/webGL documentaries.
Watch the behind the scenes here:


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